Harsh himself

Harsh has a total of 5+ years of design industry experience and has a solid background in Web, User Interface and User Experience design. He's passionate about designing human-friendly accessible Interface.

Harsh grew up in India, studied engineering, and chose to become a designer. After working for a start-up he decided to enrich his knowledge in design concepts & came to the US for masters. He’s addicted to playing battle royale games & eating pizza although he believes in fitness. He loves capturing breathtaking natural scenes through his camera. Currently, in free time he is exploring cinematography.

Recently, He graduated with a master’s in human-computer interaction-HCI at UMBC, USA. During his master’s he acted as a graduate senator and led G.E.A.R.S. as chairperson with the Graduate Student Association to help and support graduate & Ph.D. students in their professional career. Harsh started volunteering for the ACM SIGCHI conference for accessibility and user experience design as an operations team member back in March 2019. Harsh is passionate about brainstorming new ideas and exploring creativity with calculated risks. He sees himself as an optimistic team player who can inspire and provide moral support to lead the team.

"Being a designer means you must be ready for criticism which eventually leads product success."