About Harsh

Harsh has total 3.5 years of design industry experience and has solid background in Web, User Interface and User Experience design. He loves designing human friendly interfaces that make sense to users. Harsh thinks “Being a designer means you must be ready for criticism which eventually leads product success.”

Harsh is passionate towards brainstorming new ideas and exploring creativity with calculated risks. He sees himself as an optimistic team player who can inspire and provide moral support to lead the team.

Currently, Harsh is studying MS - Human Centered Computing (HCC/HCI) at University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA. Also, act as current Graduate Senate for HCC department and working on G.E.A.R.S. as chair person with Graduate Student Association . Recently, he started working for ACM SIGCHI conference for Accessibilty and User experience design as Operations committee member.

Besides all the design skills, he’s addicted to play action games & eating pizza.
Drop a Hello on harsh.spy4@yahoo.com or
call: +1(302)-213-2158

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